Monday, April 30, 2012

The road to becoming a superhero is strewn with broken ice makers

It must be tough to be Superman.  You don't ever get to screw up or off.  Every action, every word, every choice has to be on-mission all the time.  I actually think though it would be harder to Batman.  Batman has the same problems that I outlined for the man of steel - plus he has to work out like a fiend.  He is not born with superhuman powers, he is just a regular Joe (albeit one whose wealth puts him in the infamous 1% that we hear so much about these days).  I am not a superhero at all.  I don't have an ultra-cool Batmobile that turns into a submarine - or a rolling wet bar.  I have a 12 year-old truck with 150,000 miles on it.  I don't have access to an injectable radioactive serum that will give me strength, agility, and restore my hearing.  I drink coffee.  I have no problem admitting to this.

My problem lies in the fact that I have created a superhero in my fantasy future and I am trying to become him.  Let's call him Super-Bad-Ass-Dada, or SuBAD for short.  Subad holds an american record in one/several masters swimming events.  Maybe he even holds a world record.  He is a highly sought after personal trainer who has transformed the lives of his clients.  However Subad is not just an amateur swimmer and trainer, he is also a professional athlete who is sponsored by industry and non-profits to compete in open water swimming, triathlons, bike races, and running events.  He has been invited to compete in several adventure races around the world.  The bikes that he builds are so awesome that several are displayed in museums around the world.

Harley Davidson routinely calls and begs him to stop building motorized bikes for fear that he will render the motorcycle obsolete.

... then I will get a cold bucket of reality in the face.  Today I had that happen.  I had grandiose plans of a weight room session.  The weights (in this story I was telling myself) were to be followed by 40 mile road bike ride..  That ride would have wound up at the newly renovated pool where our masters team would have our first practice in that facility since it closed down 6 months ago (we have been using the lap pool at the Hilton).  When you are training for some major life altering shit (like trying to become a superhero) there will be days when your best laid and intended plans blow up.  That is what happened to me today.  None of it went the way it was supposed to.  I worked on the broken ice maker in the fridge and cleaned up the garage.  Not exactly superhero work.  No records broken in the weight room.  Not even any weight room.  The 40 mile roadie did not happen either.  Indeed, I did not even get on my road bike at all.

To add the final bit of irony, when I drove my old truck over to swimming practice... I had the date wrong.  We were still at the Hilton pool for another month.  Subad my ass!  Some days are like that.  The trick is to remember to shake it off and start again the next day.  No one ever said it would be easy to become a superhero.

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  1. Important piece. Men must "sharpen our swords" against each other, compare, and compete. Yet equally important is to share failures, proudly and supportively admitting live to fight another day is better than to not to. Well said John.